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Promoting personal vitality thru sprouting.

Updated: May 24, 2020

The world is undergoing epic change and we find ourselves in need of increased nutrition and health requirements.

I‘ve found that growing my own foods has assisted me with becoming more connected to, and conscious of the foods that I eat.

I feel happier and more attuned to what I eat.

”Live foods“ are much more desirable to me, and that is what I crave.

So! What can be more alive than seeds and beans, growing right in front of me?

Sprouting seeds and beans are an easy an effective remedy for meeting and exceeding ”my” needs.

Sprouting is historically known to:

  • representative of “new life” energy

  • promote increased cell growth

  • increase gut health

  • promote increased digestibility of beans

  • be low in caloric content

  • be easy to grow and cost effective

  • represent heart chakra energy based on it‘s post sprouted green color

  • highly vibrational and mood boosting

  • contain high levels of easily digestible proteins, vitamins and minerals

Visit “yareus_llc @youtube“ to view videos on sprout growing

Find more information on sprouting at the following sites.

Learn ways to be more self sufficient and conscious, by growing and eating your own foods.

Another way to enjoy your personal journey.

Share your sprout adventures on our and pages at Yareus_llc on instagram and

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