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Removing “stagnant” energies

Updated: May 24, 2020

Stagnant is a word defined as:

  • having no flow

  • showing no activity

  • dull

  • sluggish

Sounds very unappealing. Not sure if riding in a vessel on a “stagnant” ocean sounds like a good idea....How about eating fish from a “stagnant” river or lake?....Working in an occupation with a “stagnant” salary scale and/or promotional ladder?

Not sure that most people that we know, would go for any of these options....


Why choose to keep “stagnant “ energies around your personal experiences?

What are some examples of personal stagnant energies, you ask?

  • arguments and fighting energies

  • feelings of sadness and loneliness

  • addictive behavior energies

  • repetitive behaviors and patterns

  • clutter and/or hoarding energies

  • energies from those who came before you

These are a few examples of things that get “stuck” in your body, mind, spirit and in and on the things that surround you.

The good news is that, these things can be removed and after they have been removed, you have a choice as to inviting them back, or keeping them out..... In other words, moving or being “stagnant “....

Visit our store and search for ”Soul Clearing, group or individual “ for removal of “energetic debris” which becomes stuck and may hinder you from moving forward along your soul’s journey.

Or choose “Home, business and/or vehicle clearing “, to remove “environmental debris “, which affects individuals on their journey, as well.

If “stagnancy “ sounds ,icky!!

Get moving and flowing.

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