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The uni-verse is a verse we can all sing. It is our birthright. It is our duty. It is our collective voice that must be sung. The divine intelligence that creates and inculcates its creation principles into all, also interconnects every single thing as different; and yet each individual aspect serves the impeccability of the greater whole. We are only circumscribed by the limitation of the lie of separation. Gratitude for your existence and life itself is the currency of expansion and can be the open sesame to speaking to the consciousness of all things, which is evidence of elevation. Communication with other consciousness removes all delusions that we are the most intelligent beings. Everything is intelligent and all consciousness has something important to say. All are affected as all are connected in all ways. We must register that we cherish what we have before it is gone.



"Call For The Truth is a written snapshot of a desperate time within humanity’s his/her/our-story that will be referenced by future generations to come - a future trajectory unfolded from the choices of humanities response to the imbalances that must be rectified in order to preserve our future. This book serves as a soul activator inspiring stimulation of deep reflection into the crucial time sensitive solutions that are necessary and imperative to change the trajectory of humanities collective self imposed impending extinction."

- Tarvars Of The Sun 



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Print Length: 25 pages

Dimensions: 6in x 9in

Language: English


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E Book Calling for the Truth

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