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Available in all 7 chakra colors!


The Of The Sun Property Clearing Candle is an energetic support tool to aid one in extracting negative accumulated energetic interference within spaces and places; revealing frequencies of freedom and elevation to the energetic landscape of your home, office and other spaces being occupied.


Size: 3in x 3in x 3in


Burn Time: 8 Hours +


Recommended burn time per usage: 15 - 20 mins


Communication from the Of The Sun Clearing Candle


An aspect of primordial power embodied within a building block of creation - the pyramid. A manifestation of a reflected half of the Octahedron representing the mirrored principles of balance with above and below - physical and spirit. A geometrical vehicle utilizing the electrical energy of the divine fire element to pull forth the power of dynamic potential held within the black lava clearing salt contained within my energized walls.

Inter-dimensionally dispelling negative and dark accumulations imprinted in spaces, uplifting and providing foundational support to maintaining vibrational integrity of both the space and its occupants. Introducing to ones space the vibrational algorithm solidifying balance and sustaining stability in Mind and body, space and occupant. 







Place candle in desired location that requires clearing

Light Candle.

Allow candle to burn in space for 15-20 mins ( Burn time may vary based upon levels of toxicity.)

Take note of vibrational changes in atmosphere 


Of The Sun (Clearing candles) 7 chakra colors

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