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Soul Translation

Utilizing ancestral & energetic knowledge to support food and lifestyle choices

  • 1 h
  • 150 US dollars
  • Virtual and Phone conferencing

Service Description

Featuring The New!!! “Freedom Release Sequence”, Freedom from bondage and enslavement in the third dimensional matrix Soul Translation is a process that revels the Spiritual algorithms in finite steps that when integrated can release self contained hidden emotion and mental constructs that are identified and collapsed. "When you recognize that you are engaged in a event - you can consciously disengage". Soul Translation identifies Life Lessons for this time, you may chose to release the equations that equal suffering, self doubt, and confusion when you understand what life classes you signed up for this lifetime. The massive energy needed to maintain the falsehoods of unhappiness, conflict and pain become available to you when you except your own sublime self. "The way we feel is really what we get". Soul Translation revels the Highest and Lowest emotions you are currently experiencing. How much of your life is consumed by thought forms that do not serve you. "We lose our geometry in lower vibrational fields". Soul Translation indicates Energy Sensitivities In Your Vicinity that are physical, environmental, and social. We make recommendation for change in these areas for longer fuller life. "Higher frequencies call for obedience, there is only one way to the light, increase your vibratory frequency- become the light". Soul Translation communicates with the body through Organ Language. We tap into the consciousness of your direct and personal conversations with your body to help you understand the neuro-linguistic connection in creating your own reality. " Whatever you give your undivided attention too - You create. Worry is praying for what you do Not want".

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