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In La'Kesh (Oneness) and Veritas (Truth) - We are One with Everything and Everyone and Everything is Connected.

We at Yareus, LLC, have engaged in and studied Universal healing traditions and practices of Wisdom for over 30 years.

We believe that healing is a personal and active process which requires self-awareness, commitment, dedication. perseverance and willingness to engage in modification of thoughts and behaviors which may have become toxic and are no longer of service.

Join us as we assist you on your journey to rediscovery of your higher self, facilitated by products, services and practices which are of a highly vibrational nature.

CEO & Founder, Syrennia McArthur, has been honored and is grateful that the years of her nursing career have been primarily devoted to working with women and children. Experienced in human lactation, energy, folk and community herbalism.
She has studied and practiced ancient healing wisdoms and is currently a practitioner of Jook Lum Qi gong, Hand and Foot Reflexology (Level I and II), QLPC Levels I-V Property Clearing and Property Card Reading, Aromatherapy Level II, QLPC Akashic reading, and NES Bio Energetic System, Magical Foods residency Hawaii, Fermentation residency and Herbalism.  Honored and grateful for study for the last 10 years, ongoing with Lightworker/Shaman/Author, LaOta Rassoull/“Of The Sun Universe”, “”. Thanks and gratitude for study with the ancestors, maternal grandmother, and men and women of ancient wisdom and knowledge.

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