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Call For The Truth Divination Cards offer a way of accessing the Truth to gain guidance and illumination.


Almost every culture has a form of divination, or method to interface with “All That Is” for expansion beyond the third-dimensional physical experience.


Call For The Truth Divination Cards are a spiritual tool in your Light Kit.


This is a technology that will open the door to realms of direct knowing and connect with your inner guidance. The cards show the Truth as a maxim that affirms your frequency match from “All That Is.” 


You may use the power of this deck to:


  • Confirm – what you know
  • Gain – clarity
  • Help – others see the Truth
  • Move – forward
  • Power – your next steps and beyond


This deck has layered information on each card containing the following:


  • Colors
  • Chakras
  • Numerology
  • Platonic Solids



Using your Call For The Truth Divination Card Deck, supports the Truth within us, allowing for Truth to come forward as a vibrational match. This allows us the opportunity to step into relationship with “All That Is” where you are both seeing the same thing.


The cards confirm what you think you know, what you are on the edge of knowing. They will bring you into full realization and understanding, so that progress may take place. They are an ally in Truth and service to the All.



Divination Kit Contains:


  • Full holographic 52 card deck 
  • Divination Instruction Booklet
  • Custom blue velvet carrying bag


Call for The Truth Divination Cards

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