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Energetic evaluation utilizing NES Bioenergetic scanning and Akashic Records to assess energetic imbalances and body pattern disturbances.

Services include:

NES scan report

Akashic reading assessment

Divine Nation Card reading

Reflexology Point identification and consultation


45 minute session

Energetic Hand and Foot Reflexology Evaluation/Information

  • At the core of the practice is the belief that a reflexologist can help promote relaxation and healing throughout the body by applying pressure to specific pressure points. A practitioner will use a foot reflexology chart, which maps out how various parts of the foot are believed to correspond to organs, muscles, and other body parts.

  • Introduction to Bioenergetics and Energy Medicine

    Bioenergetics is the study of energy transformation in living organisms. It examines how cells generate, store, and use energy to perform various functions, including growth, reproduction, and maintaining homeostasis. This interdisciplinary field combines elements of biology, chemistry, and physics to understand how energy flows through complex biological systems. Bioenergetics has numerous applications in areas such as metabolism, cell signaling, and even exercise science.

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