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Of The Sun Universe Evolutionary Insignia

$10.00 - $100.00

Evolutionary Insignias are mathematical gateways that usher the individual into the experience of multidimensional clearings, healings and exploration of the soul and consciousness. This is accomplished through the activation and engagement of precise sacred geometrical patterns of organized energy systems birthed from the blueprint of creation, also know as Sacred Geometry. Of The Sun Universe has intuitively selected and rendered specific crop circles that have naturally occurred on our planet; those which are coded geometric representations of the conscious intelligence behind Of The Sun Universe services, allies, and other forms of Highly Vibrational aspects of Universal consciousness that have positioned themselves to aid humanity with our growth and evolutionary process.

Of The Sun Universe Communicators have brought forth communications from the consciousness of each Insignia, providing foundational understandings of the general encoded function for each Insignia. The back page provides the fundamental steps for activating and engaging with the consciousness of the Insignia, followed by entry level steps for clearing, healing and exploration. Each Card may be engaged with by placing your left hand or both feet on top of the symbol and following the instructions listed. Of The Sun Universe extends gratitude to all the forms of consciousness that have made themselves available to assist with our Growth, Evolution and Expansion of consciousness. May the user of the Evolutionary Insignias be expanded on all dimensional levels.

Each card is 8.5 x 11

You may purchase each insignia individually for $10 or order our 12pack for $100.

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Quantity Pack of 12 - $100 Advance Soul Clearing Akashic Records Archangel Michael Archangel Uriel Dimensional Doorway DNA Activation In La'Kesh Labyrinth Of The Sun One Mind Quantum Light Property Clearing Soul Translation Veritas

Insignia *Select between 1 and 12 Advance Soul Clearing Akashic Record Archangel Michael Archangel Uriel Dimensional Triangle DNA Activation In La'Kesh Labyrinth MMS&O Of The Sun One Mind Quantum Light Property Clearing Soul Translation Veritas

Of The Sun Insignias (14)

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